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Embodied Sexual Journey

For Couples, Individuals, and Groups.

Invite me to enhance your regular Play. 

This is an ongoing arrangement following several encounters once we get to know each other.

Through regular playtime, we can learn even more about each other's bodies, mind, and response triggers, to increase the quality, intensity and sexual rewards of our time together. 

I'd love to understand what drives you in different environments, to delve deeper and to help facilitate you both toward an even stronger sexual connection with your partner. 

We can discuss and establish methods to incorporate indulgence within our lives and relationships.


This is offered as a luxury and highly personalised Companion Service to meet your needs and is agreed across all parties. 

I would love to continue to support you on this ongoing journey and give you something exciting to look forward to, amongst the mundane activities of day to day life. 


I have a very keen interest in Somatic Sexology through my own research and self-education. 

I offer a Companion service within an intimate hands-on environment. I am happy to share with my clients, based on my intuitive experience and self-education to support you on your embodied sexual journey.


I am not a certified Therapist nor am I a Psychologist, therefore if you believe you require Medical Practitioner support or Couples Counselling, I would encourage you to seek professional help as well. 


I am happy to provide Practitioner recommendations if required when we meet.


To be discussed and agreed with you.

This is a personalised service that will vary across Clients, based on the nature of our bookings and frequency.   


Sydney Based

Hotel Outcall (Client arranged)

Hotel Incall (Leni arranged) 

Available for travel if pre-arranged

Private Residences evaluate


Payment terms agreed with Clients. 

Covid-19 Screening required on all Bookings.

Information captured as part of the booking process is completely confidential and never shared with a 3rd party.  

Please refer to FAQ page for detailed information.

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