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Height: 5 '10 (taller with heels) 

Body Type: Slim, Athletic & Toned

Cup Size: Natural B Cup

Clothing Size: 8 Aus

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Long Blonde

Skin: Light Tan

Nationality: Australian

Age: 30's


Based in: Sydney, Australia


For bookings outside of the Sydney area, I may require Uber costs to be covered

Additional cost to be agreed prior to our booking. 


Travel and accomodation costs to be covered by the Client. 


Travel and accomodation costs to be covered by the Client,

for locations outside of the Sydney area. 


I regularly book Tour's to Australian Capital Cities and International Destinations, on request.

Happy to take expressions of interest to allow me to plan destinations and dates to suit. 

I advertise scheduled tours to my website subscribers, and publish on my websites and advertising platforms.


Preference: Email or online booking forms.

My mobile number will be provided once a booking is confirmed. Confirmed Bookings = Photo ID + Deposit.

Apologies, I am unable to take voice or video calls due to privacy reasons. 


Pre-Bookings are preferred unless I advertise short-notice availability via advertising platforms. 


Methods: Beem It (preferred)

30% Deposit required.

Balance: via Beem It or Cash.

*Other Payment Methods: Online Bank Transfer, Online Debit/Credit Card, Gift Card-Eftpos Credit Card.

*Needs to be cleared prior to Booking, preferred Providers used to ensure Privacy for all parties. 


Client Screening and Verification is required on all new Client bookings.

ID Information is deleted after validation of our first booking and never shared with a 3rd party.

An Online Form is offered to safely upload ID information as an alternative to email.


If we commence our date at a Restaurant or Bar, I may ask for location details of your Hotel or Private Residence.

Feeling safe and comfortable means everyone is relaxed and we can have the most amazing experience possible. 


Happy to visit a Private Residences. 

Open to discuss other locations and circumstances to make suitable arrangements. 


For the health and safety of myself and my Clients, I always practice safe sex with no exception. 

I get tested regularly when actively taking bookings. 


Based on the current Covid-19 situation, I may ask Covid-19 screening questions and again on the day of our appointment. 

I will also take precautions (including a temperature check) if required, to ensure everyone is safe.


My photos have been blurred or hidden intentionally to protect the privacy of myself and my Clients. 

I respect we all have another life and I will always take privacy seriously. 

Due to privacy reasons, I am unable to send personal selfies, video's or engage in online or webcam personal chat. 


I am generally unable to show public displays of affection during our date,

for personal privacy reasons and respect for all of my Clients. 


Mutual discretion is respected and appreciated. 

Happy to sign a joint mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect all parties. 

I can organise formal NDA documentation, if required. 



Email addresses provided as part of an opt-in subscription via my website will only be used to send

email notifications when new information is published on The Delve Experience website. 

Information contained in the email body will be minimal, with details provided as an attachment. 

Notification of availability, including tours dates and locations, may also be provided to subscribers.

Subscribers may contact me directly via private channels to discuss further. 

You may unsubscribe at anytime. 


Please refer to The Delve Experience Privacy Policy >>> here.



The Delve Experience is covered by Copyright and Trademark laws. 


All photos, selfies and videos are published via Leni Wilde's website, social media, and several advertising platforms. 

Personalised Videos and Virtual Services are booked and paid services under accepted conditions,

including my Standard Screening Policy. 

Curated Photo's and Videos are available on a member subscription basis

via my website (coming soon!) and other select platforms, such as OnlyFans.  


Leni Wilde's website photo gallery contains recent shots with minimal editing. 

I love Photography and keeping my body in good shape, so I will always upload new professional photos,

selfies and video content for you

I am always planning my next photoshoot and absolutely love an opportunity to be creative. 

Happy to discuss any questions you may have prior to our booking. 

I also offer a Social date booking if you prefer to meet me in person before we organise a booking for play. 


I don't usually like to be labelled based on my sexual preferences,  but if required, I do identify as being Bi-Sexual. 

I love Men and I love Women equally and I particularly love threesome experiences where I can enjoy both of you together.  







Welcome! I'm so glad you found me. 

The Delve Experience wishes to offer something special to many different people at

various stages of their own unique sexual journey. 

This includes Couples who are curious and searching for

a new special sexual experience and adventure in a safe, private, and respectful space.


If you are nervous, it may be helpful to understand more about me. 

I am a very easy going person, with a great sense of humour who loves meeting new people. 

I have the ability to make people feel comfortable and at ease very quickly when we meet.

I am very intuitive, and an empath who can quickly sense everyone's energy,

which allows me to guide our booking to ensure we all have a great time together. 

I am a positive person who enjoys life and always keen to have lots of fun.

I strongly believe in experiencing everything life has to offer us. 

I am a very good listener, ethical, non-judgemental, and treat everyone with respect, as I also expect in return. 


I am also very conscious of the type of service I am offering as part of The Delve Experience.

Please communicate if you have any boundaries, what you like and what you would like to explore (individually and together). 

Also if you have any emotional or physical sensitivities, (only if comfortable sharing) which you would like me to be aware of.

This may help to ensure you get the most out of this experience and everyone feels comfortable during our time together.

And of course, we can also be spontaneous, be guided by our instincts and physical response, and just go with the flow!


This experience is geared toward an individual of a Couple relationship. 

During our time together you may or may not choose to share information about your relationship

with a goal to take new experiences back home to enhance your sexual connection.

Or you may have an open arrangement with your partner, which includes mutually agreed individual time

with me to fulfil your own personal goals. 

If you are Single, you may make a booking either via The Delve Experience or the Leni Wilde website. 



If we all really click and you want to discover, indulge and engage more, on a regular basis,

we can discuss your unique needs and desires and make an arrangement for ongoing play. 

This is a personalised Companion service with a goal to delve even deeper, with increased intimacy. 

Requests for this arrangement will be evaluated after we have had several sessions together.


You could describe this experience as more of a curated event, designed especially for you!

This is perfect for a special occasion and may include all of your play preferences so you can truly indulge. 

We can create a full Hedonist Experience mapped to your deepest desires.

You may choose to invite guests to a play party, or we can focus on this memorable event purely for you and your partner

in an intimate and romantic private setting. 

May include location, props, play toys, equipment, catering (food & alcohol), sensual experiences, and entertainment. 

Quotation provided based on requirements.

1-month minimum advanced booking is essential. 

Please email to discuss further.

If there is an FAQ not listed, please email me, so we can discuss.  

Please also email me if you have a request for content (visual, experience related or written topics). 

You can also refer to Leni Wilde's website-

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