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Explore to take Home


Either partner of your relationship may choose an individual date as an opportunity to explore and understand your own sexuality, desires, and to increase experience.


With an open-minded attitude, I can offer an impartial environment, where you can share, and build confidence, to take back to explore further with your Lover. 

This is a progressive approach toward a positive transformation in your sexual connection and a step toward something even more fulfilling within your relationship.


It's also a good introduction to put you at ease before Couples Play, if preferred. 

Or this may be a mutually agreed approach in your relationship to be open and embrace your partner's fulfillment in a controlled and respectful manner. 


1-hour Individual Booking = $800

2-hour Individual Booking = $1600

3-hour Individual Booking = $2100

Additional Hours- $800 per hour


Sydney Based

Hotel Outcall (Client arranged)

Hotel Incall (Leni arranged)

Private Residences

Available for travel if pre-arranged


30% Deposit required on all Bookings via Beem It.

Security screening required on all new Client Bookings

Information captured as part of the booking process is confidential and will never be shared with a 3rd party.  

Please refer to FAQ page for detailed information

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