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The Ultimate Indulgence

As your dedicated Companion for the weekend or a

hot mid-week Getaway, you can experience pure indulgence as I pleasure you both over and over again. 

The luxury of time, allows us to truly get to know each other on an even more intimate and explorative level. 


You can try something new during our time together and discover new ways to Play. Or turn up the heat, even more, in an already open and experienced relationship.  

Feast on great food, wine, romance, the view, and most of all on a hot steamy erotic experience!

I am here to enhance your connection to the extent you both feel comfortable with. Boundaries and times of privacy are always respected. 

Perfect gift for your Lover to celebrate a special time in your relationship. 


Overnight Getaway:  

1 day & 1 night Overnight Booking = $8000 

+ Travel & Accommodation Costs covered by the Client

* day can be split over the duration

Full Getaway:

2 days & 2 night Overnight Booking = $12000

+ Travel Accommodation Costs covered by the Client

Enquire on Rate for an extended stay.


Australia Based

International Travel- please enquire about an extended stay.


30% Deposit required on all Bookings via Beem It or Paypal

Security screening required on all new Client Bookings

Covid-19 Screening required on all Bookings.

Information captured as part of the booking process is confidential and will never shared with a 3rd party. 

Please refer to FAQ page for detailed information.

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